Pandox IO
the virtual integrator

Pandox IO® integrates all the company’s physical and digital points of sales, by centralizing all data in a single place and ready to be accessed by using our API.

✓ Automated process of extraction, transformation and data loading
✓ Cloud Centralization of all normalized data to be accessed by our API
✓ Output connection to SAP, ERP’s and Pandox BI®
No data engineers or servers needed.
Connect your business to the Cloud in seconds

Pandox BI
the virtual analyst

Pandox BI® is able to show the business reality of your company, from anywhere at any time. Our Virtual Analyst is responsible for analyzing all centralized data, generating the most important Kpi’s to your business.
✓ Automated data analytics process
✓ Creation of metrics for retail business
✓ Output connection to Pandox AI® and other BI tools
No data analysts or BI licenses needed.
Know your metrics just a click away

Pandox AI
the virtual scientist

Pandox AI® is able to recognize trends using Big Data & Artificial Intelligence, in order to predict sales to optimize inventory and increase the profitability of your business.

✓ Automated data intelligence process
✓ Sales Forecast to optimize production and inventory
✓ Quick answers to extremely complex questions

No data scientists or extra consulting needed.
Optimize inventory and increase profitability

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